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We help IRA Millionaires identify the absolute best strategy to convert their IRAs into Roth IRAs, and save $1 million or more of unnecessary taxes without buying financial products or switching advisors.


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If you are an IRA Millionaire, the odds that you are a good candidate for converting your IRAs to Roth IRAs is enormous. But you should be able to measure the costs and benefits and not rely on opinions or beliefs of me, an existing advisor you may have, or of some national financial guru.

Likewise, if you are not a good candidate for accelerated Roth conversions, you should be able to measure the projected benefits, and rest easy in your reasons why 'not'.

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Oct 24, 2022

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Oct 24, 2022

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Oct 24, 2022


I'm Craig Wear, CFP®

After a thirty-two year career as an independent financial adviser and Certified Financial Planner™, Craig sold his practice and focuses his business interest, experiences, and efforts toward alerting savers of the large tax obligations that are built into their retirement accounts.

This has birthed two Amazon #1 Best Selling books, Paying the Piper, and Roth Conversion Secrets. The tax issues are very real and a very large concern for many savers.

Rothology™ combines the art and science of financial planning to transition American families toward the goal of a tax-free future without buying financial products or changing advisors.

On a personal note, Craig and his wife travel and live full-time in their motorcoach to experience the great places and people across America.

Reviews presented are for the book, Roth Conversion Secrets, and not for investment advisory services.

"...if you want to retain the maximum amount of your retirement savings for yourself and your heirs, then this book will help you develop strategies to reach that goal"

- LF

"What a GREAT book!!! Every CPA and CFA should read and learn this and start giving these to all their clients. I wish I would have known all this and done a Roth Conversion when I was 50 or 60."

- MA

“This book gives great insights and information on the pros/cons of doing Roth Conversions. Craig presents the information as well as examples that are easy to understand even if you don’t have a finance degree!”

- CB
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